The mission of The Anglican Church in Thailand (ACT) is to fulfil the Great Commission through the Great Commandment by establishing a credible witness of the Kingdom of God in Thailand.

Korat Phisut Logos Center


Having been involved in sending short term mission trips for more than 10 years to Indonesia and Malaysia, St John’s-St Margaret’s Church (Singapore) took a bold step to adopt Thailand as a church planting station in 1995. Two missionary families, Revd Dickson Chiu, Revd Yee Ching Wah were sent in 1996 and 1997 respectively. In 2004, Ms Chua Kim Yien followed suit. The church followed up with a series of short-term volunteers and sending short term mission trips to support the work of the long term missionaries in the field. Through study trips and prayer, Korat (Nakon Ratchasima) was identified as a strategic city because it is the gateway to the Northeast of Thailand, the most unreached region of Thailand with the least missionaries and Christians per capital.

The missionaries arrived during the Asian Economic Crisis. It was a field ripe with a desire to learn English in order to connect with the world. A partnership was developed with a local school. Foreign volunteers were sent in to teach in the school. Missionaries engaged in lifestyle evangelism. Through contacts in daily life, sports, running English clubs in schools and home visits, the gospel was shared in a non-intrusive manner. The first converts were staff in shopping malls and school students. The first worship service was birthed in January 2003. Through several setbacks and crisis, the church has survived. In 2015, Ps Pranee Sanklang was appointed to helm the church and help it to return to the basics of prayer and the Word.


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